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Dave Allen - Owner Good Ol' Boys vintage guitar store, Lexington, KY
"I have been playing guitars for over 40 years, and have been in business for 35 years. I tell you there is no other guitar like a Foley."

Ray Hughes - Nashville musician and Minister
"When Joe Diffie played my Foley he ordered FIVE Foleys. Two for himself, and three for his band members."

Mark (Stace The Ace) Staycer - Former D. J. (ABC Satellite Network) Dallas Texas. Current Program Director WTC FM 103.5 Traverse City, MI
"I've never played a guitar like my Foley #78. I'll be sure to show it to all on air guest artists."

Roger Russell - President Diamond B Music Nashville - Letter
"#73 has proven to be studio perfect. It's touch me action and ring forever resonance begs to be played. Simply put, this is the best looking guitar I've ever heard."

Chris Grener - Owner-Inventor True Tone Sound acoustic pickups.
"I chose a Foley to demonstrate my pickups. You will too when you try one. They are in a class above all."

Richard Resnikoff - Letter
" Without doubt, it is the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen."

Michael Moore - Letter
"After looking at over 3000 acoustic guitars, I've finally found the finest"

Scott Fleming
I'm the artist relations / marketing director for Alchemy Acoustic Labs. We offer an optimization process for acoustic instruments. I just got to play one of your guitars that Pat Dahms has here in Pittsburgh today, and I wanted to tell you - I think it's one of the finest guitars I have ever experienced.Through the work we're doing at AAL, we have purchased, or have been sent examples of almost every builder's acoustic guitars. Tippin, McPherson, Olson, Bourgeois, Flammang, (not to mention all the big guns - Martin, Gibson, Collings etc) and I've never heard the kind of tone and sound that came out of your guitar today. For the size - it's simply amazing. (I'm not saying that our process wouldn't make it even better - our process has improved every instrument we've ever applied it to - but I'm not contacting you to sell you on us.) :)I was wondering what a similarly configured guitar as I heard today would cost. It was a cutaway with sunburst finish, serial # 234.I think it was an Engelman top, Indian B&S, etc. If you can give me an idea of cost and build time - I'd appreciate it.If you're interested in what we do - I hope you'll take a minute or two and check our website, see and listen to what we've been doing. We're also on YouTube at: I'd really love to finally own a great guitar.

Monte Summers - Letter
"Amazingly easy to play, this guitar vibrates like she's in the throws of ecstasy while doing her stuff"

Gary Harju - Writer or Co-writer of many Country Hits - Letter
"You make the best new guitars I've ever heard and I'm real exicted about endorsing them"

Timothy Tomlinson - Letter
"The workmanship and artistry is what made me stop and the Nashville Guitar Show and give your instuments a serious look."

Vincent Shannon - Letter
"You are by far the best Luthier I have ever come across."


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