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Ed Foley has been hand-crafting fine guitars since 1988. The list of world-class players that use and depend on their Foley guitars speaks for itself. Ed's customers become his friends. He is just a phone call away.

Ed Only Hand-Crafts less than 10 guitars a year.

This give him the luxury of choosing only the finest tone woods. Wonderfully dense Rosewood, shimmering three-dimensional Koa and Tiger Maple, fine-grained resonant spruce, etc.

A Foley Guitar is Truly Handmade

The bracing is hand-carved to complement each individual top. The hand-rubbed finish is supremely thin. Any less lacquer and it wouldn't be there. All components are selected to complement each other, to create a synergistic whole.

"A Foley Guitar Doesn't Just Ring - It Sings"

Strum a Foley. You'll immediately notice the amazing volume and clarity. The bass is huge, never boomy. This is due in part to Ed's special bracing pattern, based on the legendary pre-war Martins, but with several important modifications.

Ed's not afraid to buck tradition when improvements can be made. In addition to custom brace work, improvements include:

Graphite reinforced necks for long term stability, and improved sustain.

  • Contoured necks that fit your hand like a glove.
  • Frets work-tempered before installation for longer life.
  • Extra tall frets are now standard, for superb playability and tone. Of course old style (traditionally sized) frets are also available.

Find out what so many top performers and session players already know.


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