Client List & Testimonials

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Redd Volkaert - Lead guitar Merl Haggard band, The Strangers
"My Foley O-M eats my Martin & Gibson alive."

Charlie Daniels - Living Legend, Hall of Famer, Numerous A. M. A., C. M. A., Entertainer of the year awards. All around nice guy.
"My Foley guitar is all you could possibly want in a guitar."

George Jones - Living Legend, Hall of Famer. Needs no introduction!

Dan Dugmore - Top-Call Nashville session player. - Has played live and in the studio for james Taylor, Jackson Browne, Neal Diamond, etc.
"No other acoustic will do for me now. I've been spoiled! I use it for everything."

John Pearse - Founder John Pearse Strings. Also has written numerous guitar training books and tapes.
"I have no guitar that compares with my three Foley's, tone-wise or look-wise. They sound like a 1930s D-28."

Cindy Sinclair - T. V. Producer Nashville, has worked with C. M. A. Awards shows, Chet Atkins, Statler Brothers, and many more top musicians.
"I know how to pick the best. I love my Foley."

Clay Sheff - Owner and founder of Smash Studios N. Y., N. Y.
"If you depend on sound. Buy a Foley."

Wayne (Tex) Gabriel - Lead guitarist (John Lennon's Elephant's Memory Band)
Performed and/or recorded with, Chuck Berry, Stevie Wonder, Mick Jagger, Mitch Rider, Muddy Waters, Isaac Hayes, Yusef Lateef, John Lee Hooker, Steve Jordan, Art Blaker JR., Bob Seger, Ted Nugent and many more legendary entertainers.
"Ed's the master guitar maker of the future. He's my favorite, and only guitar maker. I have two Foley's."

Larry DeBari - Blood Sweat & Tears band member
"This Foley of mine is GREAT. I'm a happy camper."

T. J. Klay - Western Flyer band member - Letter
"I have a whole new love affair. Me and my Foley guitar. It is so even sounding. It is a treat to play a guitar of this caliber. I will be proud to fly the Foley flag forever."

Jim Monroe - Son of legendary Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe
"I've heard a lot of guitars in my life, as you can imagine. But when I heard my Dad's Foley, and my son James' Foley, I knew I had to have a Foley guitar also. I am proud to be a Foley Guitar endorser."

James Monroe - Grandson of legendary Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe
"Granddaddy and I met Ed Foley at the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree in August of 1993. Ed asked Granddaddy to sign one of his guitars. Granddaddy did and was so impressed by the beauty, and sound of Ed's guitars we both owned a Foley by the time the night was over."


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