I would love to thank world renowned Australian guitarrist Pete Hawkes for ordering & collaborating with me on the design of these beautiful looking & sounding guitars. Pete flew up from Down Under over the Christmas Holidays and spent a few days with us. Pete told me Stefan Grossman recommended ordering a Foley as Stefan loves his OM deep model Foley. Pete went one step farther and ordered two. Pete was so excited after playing these two guitars, he ordered two more, the first is a Parlor size & the other is a 12 fret J200 size. We had a great time and got to be good friends very fast. Pete is an amazing guitarrist & I would suggest looking him up & checking out his CDs that are available.

Jake Cauley - What's a memory like you doing in a love like this.
I was so honored when Legendary Dick Smith took time out from visiting his Sister over the Thanksgiving Holidays & stopped over to pick & talk & give me great tips on setting up my guitars. He is one of the best Pickers & Gentleman you could ever meet. Here he is playing the very first instrument I ever built "EA Foley # 001". It is a five string banjo I built in 1972. "ENJOY"
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