Hi Ed,

I bought this guitar from you at one of your shows in Nashville some 25+ years ago. Can't remember the exact year, but it's been quite a while and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

Before I bought it, I played hundreds of other great guitars, but I must say this was one of the best sounding guitars I've ever played! I play it daily now and it's getting warmer and louder than ever before. The bass is exceptional. Mid-tones and highs are warm with that wonderful maple tone. I've had many compliments on the sound and interesting looks.

I took the guitar to Classic Axe here in Nashville a few years ago to have it checked out and the luthier there recommended a Bridge Doctor to keep the lower bout bellying from getting out of control, but that's about all that's been done to it. The luthier at Classic Axe was very impressed with the guitar and said it had the most powerful bass and punch of any guitar he'd played.

Anyway, I'm thoroughly enjoying the guitar and applaud you for your fine skills!

Thank you very much for the fine guitar and many wonderful years of enjoyment,

Dave Orr

Nashville, TN

Oak Hill 37204


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